The Keys

How it works

3 Keys are 3 simple paintings called 'Keys' that work together to intuitively clear emotional wounds, baggage and blocks that work behind the scenes to sabotage us. There are 3 Keys in a set, and each set of Keys deals with a particular emotional issue or block.

  • The 1st Key 'unlocks' or triggers the hidden emotional block or trauma to surface


  • The 2nd Key clears the blocks or trauma that was revealed


  • The 3rd Key cuts remaining ties and cords connected to the past, aligning you with your soul's path on earth


Simply meditate on each Key for 3 minutes until all 3 Keys are complete.

Healing frequencies transfer from the Keys intuitively targeting the hidden emotional wound that caused the block or pattern to form in the first place, gently healing and releasing it from your emotional body, one layer at a time, one block at a time... automagically!

3 Keys Healing Sessions

There are 15 sets of Keys available based on common emotional issues.

Each set of Keys is set to video, complete with on-screen guided instructions and soothing background music. All you have to do is rent it and simply watch it from any device for 11 minutes and 52 seconds.

You can choose your Keys by how you feel or intuitively.

Issues can be complex, so feel free to choose as many Keys as you feel drawn to. Don't use the same healing session more than once in a 24 hour period.