How to protect yourself from energy vampires

An energy vampire is a person who drains your energy. They are also referred to as energy suckers and psychic vampires.

Some energy vampires are conscious of what they are doing and others are not. The unconscious are typically mentally ill or emotionally unstable; they have a desperate need to draw life from those who have healthy and strong energy. Empaths will usually feel dizzy or drained when energy is being drawn from them by a vampire. There are also conscious energy vampires who have been trained by negative and dark forces to collect positive energy. They do this for several reasons: to gain recognition, power, boost their self-esteem, boost their ego, and for youth or health. It is essential that you protect yourself from energy drainers; here are some strategies to help you:

DON’T GIVE TOO MUCH It is good to give, as it enhances your psychic awareness, spiritual growth, and your personal evolution. However, it is important that you replenish yourself every time you give; you need to master the balance of giving and receiving. When someone gives you something small, like paying you a compliment, receive it with an open heart and say thank you; there is no need to give back to them and respond with another compliment. REFRAIN FROM PEOPLE PLEASING There are some people who will attempt to please everyone. This is simply not possible; we all have different frequency vibrations. You will attract those who you are on a similar vibration with and the others you will deflect. You can be your own energy vampire when you attempt to please everyone. BE CAUTIOUS OF EGOTISTICAL PEOPLE People who are only focused on themselves will drain you. When you have a conversation with them, all they can talk about is what they are doing and will ask how you are just as you are about to part ways. You will feel drained at the end of a conversation with them. Limit your contact with or completely remove such people from your life.

BE CAUTIOUS OF NEEDY PEOPLE Needy people do any and everything to get your attention. They are constantly asking for your help and advice but never apply it. These people will waste your time and drain your energy. Train yourself to know when you are dealing with such people and reduce the amount of contact that you have with them. BE CAREFUL OF DRAMA QUEENS These people are not difficult to detect because they are always involved in some type of problem. Everything that could go wrong does, and they are constantly bombarding you with emails, phone calls and text messages about the latest catastrophe in their life. Before you realize it, you will have no energy left. It is essential that you don’t waste your time engaging with such people because they will destroy your field of energy. CLARITY Don’t waste time beating around the bush with people, get straight to the point. When a person is being too negative, shut them down; when a person keeps operating in the same behaviors and then asking for your advice, shut them down. If someone asks you to do something for them and you can’t do it, just say so. You don’t need to be rude, just be firm and let people know what your boundaries are so that they don’t cross them. HERB SMUDGING Smudging involves the process of burning herbs to create a bath of cleansing smoke for the purpose of protection, purification and healing. Palo Santo Wood, also referred to as Holy Wood, is a type of sacred wood used by the indigenous people of the Andes and the shamans in Peru for purifying, medicinal purposes and to remove evil spirits. You can use cedar, sage and pine for smudging. GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS OR GEM ELIXIRS Quartz crystals, tiger eye, amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian and onyx are all used to protect against emotional distress, danger, psychic attack, empathy and oversensitivity. ORGONE Orgone has several functions, including creating a protective energy field that surrounds your environment and your aura and deflecting negative energy. They are also used as a shield to deflect harmful pollutions and electromagnetic frequencies. You should place four orgone protectors in the four corners of your home to protect against harmful energy and to ground spiritual energies. The Orgone Amulet of Protection provides protection against psychic attacks, bad vibes, emotional pollution and evil eye. CANDLES Candles remove negative energy from your home. They are also excellent for manifesting purposes. Dark blue, red and white candles are good colors to use for self-protection. RESINS AND INCENSE Incense made from natural substances such as frankincense, myrrh, sage, sandalwood, and musk are used to cleanse the atmosphere of homes and environments. BATHS Add ½ cup of sea salt to your bath; this will cleanse negative energy that has attached itself to you after being in the presence of certain people. Steep a teaspoon of clove or basil into a cup of boiling water, strain the herbs out and add it to your bath; these herbs are known for their cleansing and protecting properties. PROTECTION PRAYERS AND CHANTS Any chants or prayers will work as long as they come from the heart using intensity, passion and determination.

Judy Dyer

Judy Dyer is a Canadian girl with an open spirit and passion to help empaths. Judy writes books for those who have a natural ability to tune in to the feelings of others. She has made it her mission to share her lifelong experiences and comprehensive research on the many benefits and blessings associated with being an empath.

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