Has your drama become your identity?

Sometimes we carry old wounds from the past that keep us locked in struggle, unable to move forward, or worse,

shine our light.

We become a shadow of our true self.

We attach ourselves to our old stories, play victim because that’s what we know.

We wear our emotional wounds like an old coat because it’s comfortable and familiar.

It’s who we are.

It's our identity.

Unfortunately, our fear and drama just attracts more fear and drama.

It becomes an endless circle.

Give up our drama, give up our identity.

Truth is, no one really cares about your drama, your victimhood, your suffering.

They can see right through it, unless they're suffering from the same thing, and then you simply become their mirror, reflecting back their own truth, their own denial...

that they are perfect as they are.

As are you.

For real.

Drama drains you and those around you. It simply attracts more drama and deflects the good that seeks to find you.

That’s no way to live.

What if we could move past our blocks?

What would our life be like?

What if there was a way to end our suffering?

one magical key at a time.

#drama #struggle #victimconsciousness