Love yourself dammit

There is absolutely no time like the present to simply give yourself a break! Each and every moment you spend on this earth not loving yourself is simply a waste of time.

Frankly, I think you're being selfish. Yes, that's right, selfish.

You have made a conscious or unconscious choice to buy into the fact that somewhere in your life, at least once, you were told or felt that you were not acceptable. The problem was that you were or weren't acceptable, it's really not the point.

It's that you bought into it.

Yes, you might have been 4 years old and your older brother accidentally hit you in the head with his hockey stick, and instead of consoling you, started laughing at you or your Dad told you to 'quiet down' when he was on the phone at a time when you were so happy to show him the picture you drew for him at school that day. Open heart, filled with joy and excitement... and then, slam, your heart shut! Your ego kicked in as your 'saviour' by putting a 'see you later, I'll take it from here' sign up, and decided to 'take things from here'.

Sound familiar... it's still what goes on today, doesn't it.

You're not alone. You're everyone. It's what we created along the way to protect ourselves from getting hurt. Survival. That's what the ego knows best and serves us. Problem with that is that it's made you believe that it knows best. Besides, it's got you this far hasn't it? If we don't have an open heart, we will not get hurt.

Sadly, if we close our heart. We get nothing. Nada, squat.

We are heart-centered individuals. Notice our heart is in the center of our being right behind our heart chakra (green circle below).

Heart Chakra

In fact...

According to this article, our heart actually has it's own little brain composed of about 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn and remember!

Super cool! To me, this is a game changer.

No wonder operating with an open heart is not an easy task.

Interesting that heart dis-ease is so prevalent in our society.

I, for one, do not believe that diet has everything to do with poor heart health, though I know it's a huge part of the story along with hormonal deficiency, lack of exercise including chemicals in our food, air and water.

I believe having a closed heart has a lot to do with poor heart health. To what degree? I'm not entirely sure as I write this. But we sure would be a lot happier if we operated from an open heart (chakra). ​​​

See if your heart chakra is closed.

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