3 Keys Therapy Sessions

3 Keys Therapy Sessions are totally immersive experiences that contain all 3 Keys set to video with soothing background music. Sessions are streamed or downloadable.

Each session is appr. 12 min long and comes complete with guided instructions. 3 Keys Therapy Sessions can be used over and over again, anytime you need an emotional tune-up from any device.


Introducing 3 Keys Community!

Join 3 Keys Therapy Community and connect with our family of like-minded spiritual healers, practitioners of 3 Keys Therapy, counsellors, mentors and lightworkers to share your experience and stories with 3 Keys Therapy, give and receive guidance and wisdom in a lively, supportive atmosphere!


Get access to all 3 Healing plans including:


This healing plan is all about helping you bust through fundamental blocks that have been working secretly to sabotage your every move behind the scenes including 'Self Love', 'Self-doubt', 'Afraid to be me', 'Self Acceptance', 'Feeling Stuck', 'Feeling Trapped' and 'Taking Responsibility'.


This healing plan provides the Keys to help you reconnect and recommit to the ones you love, healing you from the inside out including 'Misunderstood', 'Fear of Commitment' and 'Marriage Reboot'.


It's time to forgive yourself and move on. Playing a role that no longer serves you wastes your time and the time of those around you. You are not a victim. You are meant to be free. Free yourself now with this healing plan including the following 3 Keys sessions: 'Victim Consciousness', 'Rejection', 'Childhood Emotional Abuse' and 'Childhood Trauma'.

All for one low monthly cost of $9.99 USD

(or pay $99 USD annually and get 2 months FREE!)

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