This is me

I'm Kristin. I am an intuitive artist, empath energy healer and Founder of 3 Keys Healing Art.

I've had sooo many jobs in my life it's pretty crazy. So crazy, I had to write them downWarning, you may laugh (or cry) uncontrollably... I had one reader admit that she was at work when she read it and she laughed so loud, she had to move her laptop under her desk to continue reading so her boss and coworkers wouldn't hear her!

This is my mess desk

I started channeling energy into paintings over 17 years ago. Little did I know it would turn into a practice that I would end up sharing with others... I painted a different painting for each emotional issue I was dealing with. Back then, I didn't know that I had to meditate upon them for them to work until a friend of mine who is an energy healer, told me to look at the top, middle area of each painting for a few minutes for the healing to take place... 3 minutes to be exact.


I have painted more then 20 sets of Keys to help me clear emotional issues. I have 15 sets available to the public at the time of writing this. There will be more to come. :)

a blessed assignment

About 5 years ago, I had a lucid dream where I received a message, saying I had a blessed assignment I was to share this healing gift with others.


You can read all about How 3 Keys Therapy (now called 3 Keys Healing Art) came to be... Another funny story (if you're into laughing...).

So, if you're new here, click here to try 3 Keys for free.