Are you tired of being held hostage by self-limiting beliefs + emotional baggage that no longer serve you?



Is this you?

You're stuck.
You're bored.

You're tired of repeating the same old stories, attracting the same old negative people and experiences into your life that you're sooo done with.

You seek different things to fill you up or distract you, but they truly leave you feeling empty. You feel

guilty and ashamed.

Nobody gets you.

You just don't care anymore.

You hate yourself.

Getting outta bed is hard.

You're afraid...
of people, of intimacy,

of getting too close, 

in case you get hurt.

You're afraid to love.

You push people away to protect yourself. You lash out and use your words to create a wall to create distance, so people won't come near.

Life sucks.

That used to be me.

That's why I created 3 Keys Healing Art

To help you heal your inner world and get rid of all of the muck, so you can have a better outer world. 

Let me show you

3 Keys are painted symbols

like this

that contain pretty cool energies that remove hidden blocks and baggage from you've been carrying around since childhood. You can read the hilarious story of how 3 Keys Therapy (now called 3 Keys Healing Art) came to be.

Your blocks + baggage

Blocks + baggage are the things that trip you up when you least expect it. That little voice in your head, telling you to 'stop trying' when you're trying to reach a goal or do something new and important or accomplish anything! 

You swore 'never again'.

Not only did you think that... That emotional pain moved from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind leaving an emotional scar that lays dormant until it gets triggered again and again until it is healed.

Because in grade 3, you summed up the nerve to try out for the school play. You were invincible! But when you entered the stage, everyone was there looking at you. You couldn't speak... 

Your blocks work behind the scenes to sabotage you

Your reactions are based on old wounds that get triggered unconsciously. Instead of being present and going with the flow, your old wounds show up as self-doubt, self-sabotage, unworthiness, and other limiting beliefs about yourself, keeping you stuck in the past, repeating patterns and revisiting old stories without really knowing why. 

Emotional wounds feed on fear and negativity, sending a signal out to the world that you're not good enough, attractive enough or smart enough, attracting people into your life with similar issues who mirror you.

Buried emotions create energetic walls to 'protect' others from getting too close for fear of being hurt again, judged, or worse... rejected. We think walls make us feel safe, but instead block us from giving and receiving love and enjoying life.

3 Keys work together to heal your energetic blocks and baggage instantly

Each Key does a magical trick

The 1st Key

attunes to the frequency of the emotional wound causing it to come up to the surface and reveal itself 

The 2nd Key

clears the blocks or trauma that was revealed, healing you from the inside out,


The 3rd Key

cuts remaining ties and cords connecting you with your spirit and your soul's path on earth

The Keys do all the work, all you have to do is stare at them for a bit

Simply meditate on each Key as they appear on the screen, one after the other,

for 3 minutes until they're complete.

Healing frequencies

attune to the negative emotional frequency of the block your dealing with, unlocking and unblocking the issue at hand.

Moving you to a happier, more peaceful state of being, all in the time it takes you to finish your coffee or tea.




Try it for yourself

Below are 3 Keys.

Now, if you read above you'll remember that the first Key is the Key that unlocks the door to reveal the hidden emotional wound.

Remember, you need 3 Keys to heal the emotional block.

The Keys work intuitively.

Simply have a look at each Key below for a minute until you feel drawn toward one (or resist one). Hover over the Key to reveal the issue.

Picked your Key?

Now head over to this page to get your healing session (with all 3 Keys) for FREE.

(We'll also send you an occasional blog post, promotion or whatever suits our fancy...) 


15 sets of Keys available

(and more to come...)

Each set of Keys is set to video, complete with on-screen guided instructions and soothing background music. All you have to do is rent it and simply watch it from any device.

You can choose your Keys by how you feel or intuitively.

Issues can be complex, so feel free to choose as many Keys as you feel drawn to. Don't use the same healing session more than once in a 24 hour period. 


I started my session with a few deep breaths to prepare myself for the meditation as suggested.

I loved the upcoming feeling while watching those high vibrating keys. It took a few moments to connect to these healing treasures as visual meditation was completely new for me.

The beautiful colours went directly to my heart. It felt like absorbing the vibration of the keys. Healing energy was flowing through my energy field. The intense colour of the keys was glowing so strong. It is powerful and calming at the same time. This kind of meditation is absolutely working for me!

Birgit Pulzer-Milalkovits, 

Spiritual Teacher, Austria


I'm Kristin. I am an intuitive artist, empath energy healer and Founder of 3 Keys Healing Art.

I've had sooo many jobs in my life it's pretty crazy. So crazy, I had to write them down. If you read it, I warn you... you may laugh (or cry) uncontrollably... I had one reader admit that she was at work when she read it and she laughed so loud, she had to move her laptop under her desk to continue reading so her boss and coworkers wouldn't hear her!

More this way >

 Your time is now 

You have struggled enough.

There is nothing else you need to do except live the life you were uniquely born to live. 

It's that simple.

You do not need permission. 

The universe has provided unlimited possibilities to use your unique gifts to make this world a better place.

It's time to rise.


I'll help you make that transition.

Emotional therapy on the fly

3 Keys Healing Art goes where you go.

At your desk, in the gym, in the air or on your way to work.

3 Keys Healing Art downloads instantly on your desktop, laptop, iPad or phone to use wherever and whenever you need an emotional tune-up!

We're creating a

brand new healing community and

you're invited!

Join our fabulous new community of like-minded healers + creators + get locked-in early bird pricing for all BRAND NEW 3 Keys healing plans for as long as you're a member (even when prices go up).